Supporting SME’s to sustain the SA economy

At the start of the pandemic, the first SME businesses to start to collapse were the mom and pop stores. The businesses that supported a single household or family. Next on the list were the slightly larger companies, restaurants, salons, and service-based businesses. You only need to walk through a mall today to see the pandemic’s devastation on the SME’s.

For SA to recover from the impact of the pandemic, it is to see where they can support a small business.

Make conscious decisions to use a home-based or family-run business rather than a corporate or massive retailer.

Here are some ways you can help restart the SA economy.

Speak to your neighbours

Lots of people managed to meet and get to know their neighbours during the lockdown. If you have not yet established the community bond, it is not too late. In the past, communities thrived based on trade and bartering of goods and services with their community. It was only a few traders that came in and out that brought additional goods.

Take the time to ask your immediate circle of neighbours what they do for a living and see where you can all take advantage of each other to support your individual households.

Find the outliers

You can find creativity in the most remote places. The same old, same old products are still mainly shipped in from China. Do a bit of research and ask around, and you may find some insanely creative options available to you.

Support and artist

Some of the hardest-hit consumers were, of course, the musicians, artists, actors, etc.  Supporting a local painter, sculptor or designer, will help feed their family and keep them afloat.

You will easily be able to find an individual on social media, and connect with them directly.

They are more likely to respond quicker, negotiate harder and deliver a fantastic product you will both be proud of.

Share the love

Some companies have taken it upon themselves to promote the little guy. You can too. It can take the form of your business promoting a client on your social media or even to your own personal networks. Exposure is very non-committal from your side but can significantly impact SME’s if they get work from your network exposure.

Bizcash offers alternative finance options to SME’s to help them sustain, grow and trade.

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