Business Growth Bizcash

When times are tough, the tough buckle down

Many small companies struggle with the debate about when to double down and work harder to achieve growth and success …
Bizcash Reducing fees

Bizcash’s agility helps its customers in tough times with reduced fees

In an environment where companies are increasing prices to save their businesses and cover the shortfall that the Covid-19 pandemic …
Bizcash Invoice Discounting

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

When is debt good for your business, and when is it bad for your business? These are questions that you …
Bizcash Business Finance

Don’t wait too long to seek finance for your SME

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is waiting too long to apply for additional finance for their business …
bizcash business and personal finance

The Importance of separating your personal and business finances

Keeping your personal and business expenses and finances separate when starting a business is essential to how your company operates …
Automating your finances Bizcash Automation

Adopting automation to save you time and money

For many small businesses, the added expense of a system or software can be prohibitive. At some point though, researching  …
Bizcash Employing New Staff

Employing staff as a small business

So often, companies just starting are a little wary of hiring staff to help them out during the business’s early …
Bizcash Customer retention strategies

Customer Retention is critical to your business

You don’t have a business if you don’t have customers, and customers do business with people. That is why it …
5 Proven Benefits of Remote Working Staff Members

5 Proven Benefits of Remote Working Staff Members

Remote working is not likely to go away anytime soon. Companies that have set up their employees to work from …
Bizcash Invoice Discounting

Advantages of Invoice Discounting

Careful management of the cash in your business can be the difference between survival or shutting down permanently.