We provide a range of business funding solutions

Bizcash Selective Invoice Discounting

Selective Invoice Discounting

An advance on unpaid debtors invoice/s on a disclosed or undisclosed basis from a single or handful of debtors.

Bizcash Business Loans

Business Loans

Move your business forward with a hassle free business loan.

bizcash term loan

Business Overdraft

A facility for now and later, access to funds during your cashflow crunches, servicing interest only on what you’ve taken out, make deposits anytime at no charge.

Bizcash Term Loan

Business Term Loan

Grow your business with our flexible working capital facility, repaid in regular monthly payments with either fixed or floating interest rates over a set period of time.

Supply Chain Finance

A revolutionary online cash flow solution that bridges the Buyer-Supplier business relationship, by assisting Buyers to pay their Suppliers cash on delivery, while simultaneously offering Buyers extended terms and flexible repayment amounts.