Bizcash’s agility helps its customers in tough times with reduced fees

In an environment where companies are increasing prices to save their businesses and cover the shortfall that the Covid-19 pandemic had on their operations and cash flow, Bizcash was hard at work to ensure that their clients could be reducing costs.

It is not very often that you find business finance companies reducing rates and fees for their clients, especially in this tough economy, but that is precisely what Bizcash has done.

Their reduced rates have already been rolled out to their existing customer base, and these new rates will remain in place for any new clients that are looking for funding for their business for some time. “We are in the business of growing South African SME’s,” says Bizcash CEO Sean Waywell, “and we are constantly looking for ways to make managing their business cashflow easier for them.”

Quick Decisions

Bizcash attributes their successes to their ability to make quick decisions, a luxury limited to companies with a small management team that is hands-on every day. Large corporate companies and financers have far more red tape to get through when making decisions that affect the business’s bottom line. The management team and investors prefer to be very involved in the business, allowing them to be far more agile and light on their feet.

Bizcash has always worked closely with its clients to manage expenses, cash flow, business growth, and funding, so this unexpected bonus for their clients was a welcome reprieve.

No rest during lockdown

Bizcash was actively pursuing business over lockdown and signed two deals with Transaction Capital Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“TCBS”) and Transaction Capital Risk Services, expanding their business in an otherwise contracting marketplace.

Their Bizcash Selective Invoice Discounting and Bizcash Business Loans products are soon to be joined by Bizcash Overdraft and Bizcash Short Term Loan products, so keep a lookout for further announcements.

If you would like to speak to a Bizcash consultant or are looking for more information, visit their website here. 

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