Business Intelligence Bizcash Fintech Business Loans

Business intelligence and the Impact on your future

We are living in an evolving world of an overload of business intelligence data. Businesses need to find the opportunities …
Bizcash Tax Compliance Audit

Why is an audit important

An audit and auditor’s report is a third-party document. It is a reflection that the company’s financial statements are compliant …
Bizcash financial management financial year end

The Importance of Financial Management in business

Now that the stress of Financial Year End should be over, you can take stock of what you can do …
Bizcash Invoice Discounting Forward Planning

The Importance of forward planning

For so many SME’s, forward planning is not a priority. As many of the companies are owner-run, time is in …
Business Cashflow Invoice Discounting bizcash

How can invoice discounting help your business cash flow?

For most growing businesses, there comes a time when your cash flow is under strain. Invoice Discounting can be your …
Business Growth Bizcash

When times are tough, the tough buckle down

Many small companies struggle with the debate about when to double down and work harder to achieve growth and success …
Bizcash Reducing fees

Bizcash’s agility helps its customers in tough times with reduced fees

In an environment where companies are increasing prices to save their businesses and cover the shortfall that the Covid-19 pandemic …
Bizcash Invoice Discounting

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

When is debt good for your business, and when is it bad for your business? These are questions that you …
Bizcash Invoice Discounting

Advantages of Invoice Discounting

Careful management of the cash in your business can be the difference between survival or shutting down permanently.