What does it mean to be South African in today’s business space?

As we head into Heritage Day week, we need to look into the details of what it means to be South African in today’s business climate. Being a proud Zaffer takes on so many traits, and we are renowned worldwide as being resilient, hard-working, and determined. It means we can face adversity right in the face, dust ourselves off, and move forward.

Here are the top traits of SA businesses

They always want to help

Business is hard to come by, making small businesses so keen and eager to do the job well and get the referral for more work.

When you deal with a small business or SME, you often get exposed to the business owner. If they are family-run, it is even more likely that you will get to know the person behind the brand. This personal touch and hands-on approach make dealing with the local business so exciting and rewarding.

They understand the meaning of “just now.”

Although deadlines may not always be met based on challenges out of our control, dealing with a local that speaks your language helps. Building relationships with your suppliers is a breeze when you can have frank discussions with them. Raising your challenges and difficulties can be addressed to get the best outcome.

Your patronage and support is appreciated

Zaffers are a friendly bunch of people. You always get a hello, dumela, or howzit. Try to spark up a conversation with a business person in Europe, and you may get the hairy eyeball. But the local members of the rainbow nation are all for a bit of a chat. Mostly, you will be met with a thank you and bye, regardless of what store you visit.

We understand the value of the Rand

It is rough when we have to deal with foreign nations and try and explain the pain and anguish of the exchange rates on our wallets. In SA, dealing with a local business can add a sense of relief, eliminating the exchange control drama from the deal.

We want to support and grow local

Just because they are our friends, neighbours, and family, the local businesses need the support of the local community. Now we just need to ensure that everyone supports, without trying to score a discount! Yes, friends, invest in your friends and their business and pay full price. They deserve it.

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