Using downtime to plan and prepare for the new year

Everyone needs a break after a long and challenging year, but when you are running your own business, you can benefit from taking a day or two to plan and prepare your business for the next year.

Outline your Objectives for 2021

Taking a few hours to think about what you want to achieve in the upcoming year is a good idea. It will give you some direction when the first workday of January rolls around.

Map some of these ideas on paper and stick them up in your office. Of course, you can refine and tweak them when you get going, but at least have some thoughts on paper.

Clear your inbox

The dread of that Monday morning inbox is amplified when you come back from leave.

Take a few minutes a day to empty your inbox of spam, well wishes, and Junkmail. When you open your office again, you will have real work mails to contend with.

Pre-prepare the welcome back emails to clients

Typing emails to clients can be time-consuming. Have a pre-prepared “welcome to the new year” email prepared and spellchecked for a quick copy and paste. Saving time on the pleasantries is a winner.

Prepare your first week of marketing material

Trying to play catch up in Jan is always a pain. Having your first weeks’ worth of marketing material ready to go is a huge stress reliever. It gives you a few days to plan the balance of the month.

Start the year with a group session

The first day back at the office is usually spent around the kitchen, getting feedback on everyone’s holidays. Save time with a group session, going around the room, getting the input from everyone. Taking into account this is a sensitive year, so frame it around the focus for 2021.

Rally the troops

Nothing can beat a good pep talk to the team to start the year with clear objectives, support material, and a plan. Give your team all they will need to start the year off right, and you will find everyone will get going sooner.

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