Using dashboards to help you manage your business better

The aim of using a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard is to help you make better business decisions. You can gather, consolidate and analyse your business data. When you see the data in a visually simple way, you simplify the analysis.
When you use a dashboard for your analyses, it is easy to identify a trend or pattern in the data.

What is a BI Dashboard?

It is an information management tool that uses data in a visual format to display your business KPI’s. Once you track these as a business, you can assess the business’s performance and get valuable insights.

It is a tech-driven approach to see the business tracking data on one screen. It provides you a big picture of the situation. You can change them depending on what you need and are looking to achieve.

Dashboards have different features. The main one is having a customizable interface and some interactivity level—the main benefit is it to pull and analyse data in real-time. You no longer have to wait till the end of the month or staff to compile complex documents. Death by Powerpoint is a thing of the past.

Bizcash BI Dashboard

What are the benefits of a BI Dashboard?

You get to make better and more informed decisions based on data. You can visualize it in a meaningful way.

Identify Trends
Dashboards empower you to identify and analyse trends that relate to your business activities.

Increase efficiencies
You can base your business decisions on the correct data. Data is real-time so that you can make informed decisions.

100% accuracy of data
Having the most accurate and up-to-date data available to you at a moment’s notice gives you a competitive advantage. Real-time data and insights are critical to making fast decisions.

Interactive Data in a visual format
All data is collated in one place. It is presented cleanly and visually for easy access to insights.

The BI dashboards can come in various formats. You can find the option that will best suit your business to give you the edge you need.

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