Supporting your teams’ mental health in the workplace

Nobody could have predicted the length of the Covid-19 pandemic or the impact on everyone’s mental health. The workplace has become a hive of anxiety, not only from a business perspective, but having to social distance, wear masks in the office, not touch anything in the kitchen, and of course, manage any illness or exposure from home.

Here is what you as an employer can do to assist your staff during this challenging time:

Create safe spaces in the office

Staff should be able to isolate themselves if they so choose. By creating pods of desks with good ventilation and lots of plants for oxygen and greenery, you create a place where people can breathe out. It is not about isolating in small rooms, but instead creating areas where staff can still see each other and even communicate in socially distanced ways.

Work from home policies

With most companies back at the office, some staff may still be wary of coming into the office. With at-risk team members, the option to work from home on some days can be a possibility. Supporting them in these endeavours is key to showing support.

Vaccination and protection

Herd immunity, vaccinations, and a continued drive for santitising and wearing masks can all assist in the well-being of your staff. Encouraging the practice for the organization’s greater good can be highlighted with incentives and tracking of wellness days overall.

Counseling and therapy

Talking about anxiety and fear is a crucial part of managing mental health. Having in-house, online, or even group sessions where people can talk about the issues and fears can change their perspective on life and work.

External support

Many families have potentially lost family, second incomes, or had to battle through homeschooling. Based on availability and resources, there may be alternative options that companies can use to help. Offering mass services for child care or tutoring using the empty office space is a fantastic way to take the pressure off your staff and show your appreciation of their commitment to you.

It is time for us all to look for different ways of working and dealing with each other, more kindly and humanely. The future of business has changed. We are hoping for the better.

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