Supporting locals is the way to grow the South African economy

If the covid pandemic taught us one thing, it was that supporting locals is the way of the future. As a nation, we must try to limit reliance on other countries to supply goods to SA. Reverting to foreign suppliers and labour is not an option. The innovation and entrepreneurship that we all got to experience must stay.

Large companies like Cotton On, even an Australian company, will focus on local supply for their stock. It will ensure that products get to the consumer faster than waiting for the east to ship.

The prices of shipping and logistics are skyrocketing. Fuel increases are making transporting and logistics unaffordable for most companies. The silver lining is that local suppliers can now be suppliers to larger retailers in SA.

As a shopper, whether for personal consumption or a business, ordering from a South African company should be a priority.

Communities can grow stronger

Community support is invaluable and will create a better and more sustainable local community.

In France, restaurants only buy fresh produce from their local area. If you had to take a 20km radius around your local restaurant, the local suppliers have a chance to compete against a large retailer. Food will be fresher as the supply chain is shorter.

When you grow food in smaller volumes, they taste better and don’t lose all nutritional value and flavour.

There is a definite move towards supporting your neighbour in buying what they can produce for you. Companies can restructure their suppliers to include the smaller ones regarding corporate gifting, experiences, and adventures.

The world had a chance to recover slightly with the reduction of travel, consumerism, and general destruction of natural resources. It can be a conscious decision not to buy from suppliers that add to the global pollution footprint.

Supporting local is a conscious choice

Consumers and companies should instead get in touch with local community groups and enable the local industries to get a foot in the door.

Do you have a product or service from which your local community can benefit? Tell us in the comments below.

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