Supporting local means supporting your neighbour

It takes some special occasions for South Africans to be supportive and patriotic about their country. The 1995 World Cup was one of them, the Soccer World Cup we hosted, and more recently, Siya Kolisi raising the Web Ellis Trophy in 2019. South African consumers see glitz and glamour in imported products and brands. And this is not necessarily good for our country.

South African movies, TV shows, products, and innovations have grown by leaps and bounds. There is seldom a time you can differentiate a local musician’s production quality from a foreigner.

What is the fuss about?

Why are we so hung up on international brands, and why do we have to be bribed to support local?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that South African products are just as good, if not better, than an imported counterpart.

The creativity, innovation, and quick-footed nature of the SA entrepreneur showed us that we could be self-sufficient if we wanted to.

The aim for all South Africans this festive season should be to support local. Gifting, experiences around the country, and even learning something new will keep the country’s currency in the pocket of a local South African. Putting food on your neighbours’ table is far better than supporting a multi-national conglomerate that may not even miss you.

Local is more than lekker

Reach out to your communities, see who is making or create something specifically for the festive season, and then support them. With some creativity and networking, we can start to rebuild the nation from the devastation of lockdown.

There are amazing stories of small companies that have bootstrapped a business, only to be supported by their local communities, and they get to thrive.

Think of the founders of  Veldskoen shoes.  They source their items locally, use the local workforce to the manufacturer. South African companies to distribute them and bought and loved by locals. This full-circle makes the South African Economy strong, and we should all be actively supporting locals. Proudly South African is not just a badge; it is an honour. Wear it well.

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