Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners

Battling with Productivity? Running a small business is not for the faint-hearted. It runs very differently to a large corporate. It has different needs and limited resources.

Here are some productivity tips you can use in your SME to improve your operations and increase your productivity.

1. Prioritise your most important tasks of the day/week

Creating to-do lists is not only for college students. Having your critical functions on a list that you can rank as essential and top priority will help you finish them before you drift off to the fun stuff.

2. Use your flexibility

The best thing about being a small enterprise is your ability to make fast decisions and adapt to market changes quickly. The red tape and endless hierarchy that corporates have to do anything make them slow to react. So use this to your advantage.

3. Engage with your customers

Asking your customers how you can help them grow is a benefit only small businesses have. You will gain loyalty and grow more than just your own business.

4. Use timesheets

For most people, timesheets are a pain to complete. But these can be essential when accounting for time, income and productivity. It is not always the amount of time spent on a task or achieving a 7,5 hour day. Instead, ensure that the time, cost, and duties are allocated correctly.

5. Hire in help

Getting an assistant to help you with mundane tasks will be invaluable in your business. Your time as the owner needs to be spent growing and running the business, not chasing payment or sending invoices. So hire in the required help, even on a contract/ freelance basis, to free up your time for the crucial tasks.

6. Use technology

Many small businesses think they cannot afford the tech that will save them time. But the time saving will pay for the tech. Accounting and reporting programs are a game-changer.

7. Create processes.

When you have good processes, you can ensure that you can assess productivity and output and not just base everything on time. As a result, you will also have happier staff and a more effective business.

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