New Year – New business ideas

Happy New Year!

If 2020 forced you to close a business or relook a job, the new year is a great time to focus on some new business possibilities.

There are great opportunities to start new businesses moving forward, based on the successes of 2020.

Become a Consultant

Based on your experience and expertise, starting a consulting business, be it in business, coaching, marketing, communication, etc., is an excellent option for 2021. Companies have had to scale back on some non-essential services in-house so that they will need to outsource this service.

Online business/reseller

Develop an online store and catapult your income. It does not always have to be a passion product, but rather something needed in the market. Set up the site, arrange logistics, and start marketing an online business today.

Online teaching and tutoring

With schools not back to 100% capacity, there is a need for online tutoring and teaching that can add to your income. You can teach from anywhere in the world and teach anyone in the world, so think big.

Online Accounting Services

Outsource bookkeeping and accounting services. With many consumers starting small businesses, there is a significant gap in the market for this service.

Courier Services

Even though there are many companies already in this sector, they are battling to keep up with demand. Find a niche and build a business in this space.

Professional organisers or cleaning services

It is becoming critical for companies and homes to be deep cleaned more often. With everyone learning to live with the virus, there are opportunities to build networks offering specific services that can be extended past the pandemic.

Pet Sitting / Monthly Products

Petcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. Building a business that combines pet products with pet services can be a great option to grow a business while fulfilling your love for animals. Add in subscription services, and you have a winning formula.

Garden and pool care services

Consumers don’t have time to do everything, with many people outsourcing home cleaning and garden/pool care to individuals or companies. The benefit of having a professional come in to care for the garden is no HR issues for the consumer. Show the services of professionals doing the work, and you can expand a business and help employ others.

Many of these options do not need a large capital outlay, with some only requiring your skills and a computer.

Make 2021 the year of entrepreneurship and innovation.

If you are planning an expansion of your business this year and

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