Improve your Customer Service with better insights into your own business

Understanding your business and improving customer service is what you need to focus on every day. As an entrepreneur or SME, spending money on financial systems is often not an option.

Bizcash helps their customers understand their financial standing better than ever before. Partnering with Bizcash for a business loan or Selective Invoicing product, gives you access to a financial dashboard that gives you insights into your business cashflow.

When you are not spending time on spreadsheets, you get to engage more with your customers.

Here are five reasons insights into your business can help you grow: 

1.         You get to understand your customers’ needs

Getting time to speak to and understand your customer’s needs and pain points allows you to find solutions you can fix them. Not enough companies seek out feedback from their customers until it is too late. Set aside time in your day to speak to your customers about what they need in their business to succeed. You will be surprised about how you can upsell and cross-sell solutions you may have to offer. 

2.         Excite your customers by exceeding their expectations

Being able to deliver early on customers’ deliveries is always welcome. It is about under-promising and overdelivering all the time. But you can consistently offer that bit extra in terms of free delivery, early delivery, or even pass back an additional discount that you managed to negotiate on their behalf. You will be surprised as to how an unexpected treat makes them feel about you. 

3.         Create easy and effortless customer service

Try to be one of your customers for a day and see how your processes flow. Assess the roadblocks you found and find solutions to eliminate them. Your customers should have multiple options to be in touch with you and offer feedback on their experiences. 

4.         Invest in your staff with customer service training

Training is so easy to do, and yet companies often skimp on this part of staff training. Having well-trained staff dealing with customers can change your business trajectory overnight. If you do not have the skills to do the training in-house, invest in a professional to help you. It will be worth it. 

5.         Set and communicate clear service standards

Have apparent service standards that you communicate and implemented throughout the business.

When you hold your staff accountable to exceed these standards, they will know what you expect of them. It is easy to manage KPI’s when they are clearly outlined to everyone involved.

Bizcash is here to help you with your business.

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