How diverse teams strengthen your business

It’s women’s month! The spotlight is on how being inclusive with diverse teams in the workplace makes your team stronger.

As we move into the future, traditional biases are dissolving. We need to focus on accessibility and acceptance of skills, strengths and opinions, regardless of gender or race.

Diversity in the workplace has many advantages. These are some of what you can expect if you embrace and actively encourage diversity.

Your staff share more ideas

When you have a varied range of opinions and skills amongst your employees, you increase the perspectives pool. It will expand experiences and opportunities, processes and increase productivity. Add diversity into all levels of your business. It opens up channels of communication throughout the organisation.

Increase creativity

When you embrace a variety of cultures and backgrounds, the opportunity for creativity increases. People who have different upbringings and life experiences, alternative ways to solve problems emerge. By listening and embracing the solutions, you can find many workable solutions to select.

Improved cultural awareness

We live in a culturally diverse world. South Africa specifically, has a very mixed range of cultures and races. Each culture has a different nuance, that you can use in running your business to expand into markets. Having members of your team that understand the nuances is a bonus. It applies to gender too. A mix of single, married, mothers and near retirement folks can all improve your insights into your customers.

A positive reputation

Embrace diversity and encouraging a blend of staff cultures. It will showcase your business as a positive place to work. It will also increase the desire for people to work there.

A reputation of treating employees with respect spreads through industries. It is a reputation to aim for.

Remove unconscious bias from decisions

Make decisions with a diverse range of people. It covers off all angles to make the decision. When you allow people the safety and freedom to speak up, you make better decisions.

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