Capitalising on future trends for your business

The way we do business and how we speak to our customers is changing forever.

There is no end in sight for social gatherings, so holding customer events and even meetings in the office is something we all need to adapt to.

There are some new ways of working that can improve our businesses. Here are some trends for 2021.

Virtual Events

Trade shows, corporate events, and Golf days are not allowed. We need to find alternatives that will enable us to engage with clients safely.

Hosting virtual events where customers can immerse themselves in your brand or product is an option. There are still ways to engage with customers, get products delivered to their home or workplace, and see that they engage with you online.

Look for more intimate ways to engage with your customers online. Based on lower costs overall, you can split your customers into groups so you can build closer relationships with them in a virtual space.

Engagement is key

Customers are still looking for human interaction. It is not about posting a webinar online and hoping someone watches it. Your customers are looking for ways to engage. Host discussion panels where they can ask questions and get answers immediately from the experts.

Marketing is not a one-way street. Customers want to be heard.

Be on the right side of history

Consumers are becoming more aware of brands and companies’ involvement in social and political issues. It is up to brands to ensure they are doing the necessary product development and marketing to ensure they are sensitive to social trends.

If you are not genuine or run campaigns that are tone-deaf to the current climate, it can spell disaster for your brand.

Using AI in your business

Big data is where the insights are. There are now so many opportunities to ensure your company is using the data available to make decisions.

The world is moving fast. Waiting for research and A/B testing is a waste of time. Social media platforms are already using machine learning to serve better-performing communication. AI will soon be able to predict trends, making marketing far more effective in the future.

Invest in Digital Marketing

The Digital Innovation space showed everyone how successful it could be during the worst of the pandemic. Ensuring your company is online, communicating, and even transacting online is critical for the business’s future survival.

Even the smallest of companies can manage to grow their business in these changing times, as the digital and online space is far more affordable than traditional media to use to boost your business.

It is worth investing time to understand what is available today and how that can impact your business in the future.

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