Adopting automation to save you time and money

For many small businesses, the added expense of a system or software can be prohibitive.

At some point though, researching  and adding in systems into your business to increase the automation, time saving, accuracy and reporting into your business, can be just the tool to boost your growth.

There are some simple tools that you can use in your SME. These can start with an accounting package. The costs are not as bad as you think.

Here are some options for you:


Keeping everything in one place, can sync with your bank, tax and they offer free, unlimited customer support. You can work from anywhere in the world and off multiple devices. The dashboards make reporting at a glance as easy as pie. They offer a 30 day trial, so you don’t have to commit upfront.

Xero Accounting

Works in the cloud, so it is available 24/7, wherever you may be. They automate everyday business tasks, allow you to have up to date financials and offers easy to use dashboards so you can see the financial state of your business, anywhere, anytime. They too offer a free trial.

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting grows as your business grows. The cloud based accounting is accessible anywhere. It connects with your banking, tax, and invoices. It offers automation in terms of invoicing and statements to customers, so you can better manage your cashflow.

They also offer a trial, so play around with them before you commit.

Managing your business on the move is beneficial for small and entrepreneurial businesses, and having all of your information securely stored in the cloud, can reduce the expense of on-site storage and servers.

Find the package that works for you

Bizcash is a Fintech company that promotes automation, simplicity and cost saving tools for your business. That way we can keep costs down and help you invest in what is important in your business.