5 Proven Benefits of Remote Working Staff Members

Remote working is not likely to go away anytime soon.

Companies that have set up their employees to work from home have found great advantages to this way of working.

  • Lowered Business Expenses

They are saving in rent space, security, cleaning costs etc

Consider the reduced need for coffee and tea in the office, companies are benefiting with these overall reduction in running costs.

Companies that traditionally needed to have large office spaces, parking, reception areas etc, are now looking to downscale considerably with the reduction of staff required on the premises.

  • Greater access to applicants and talent

There is no reason to have to limit staffing talent to your immediate vicinity, as staff working remotely, can live anywhere in the country and still be productive and a contributing member of the team.

Many companies have already seen this as beneficial with skills for particular jobs now available worldwide.

  • Increased Productivity

With little to no time spent in traffic, the staff is starting work earlier and working later, and with fewer distractions and water cooler conversations, employers are seeing an increase in overall output and productivity.

Allowing staff to be responsible for their own outputs in their own time, they manage their work schedules, kids and family around the deadline, instead of wasting time in traffic or at the office.

  • Improved Employee satisfaction and retention

It may be that staff are working harder to show value and hope they will not be laid off, but overall, staff are reflecting a better attitude towards their companies and are enjoying their jobs more, by being empowered to work remotely.

Staff are less distracted by office politics, and are seen to be happier overall.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Fewer cars on the road mean less pollution and overall company carbon footprint.

With humans travelling and consuming less, we can see an overall reduction of our impact on the planet.

Companies are also reducing their energy consumption with added lights and power required to run the large office spaces.

Companies that are embracing the new opportunities are likely to continue these cost-cutting measures, with fewer in-person meetings required. Savings in needing physical locations and reducing risks of their human capital, this may just be the new future. Welcome to it.

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