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Cash flow burdens are one of the biggest challenges facing companies across South Africa. With companies losing productivity, profitability and even shutting down due to cash flow issues, no industry is unaffected.

SMEs are particularly vulnerable, and part of the problem is that products available from traditional lenders are often unsuitable and have cumbersome credit requirements. 

Bizcash Supply Chain Finance was designed to be an accessible cash flow solution that meets the needs of businesses in the 21st century.

We recognize the need for businesses to focus on their core activities. Dealing with creditors and managing debtors detract from these core activities, as well as cost companies two critical resources -time and money. 


Supply Chain Finance

How it Works

Bizcash Supply Chain Finance is a revolutionary online cash flow solution. We bridge the Buyer-Supplier business relationship, by assisting Buyers to pay their Suppliers cash on delivery, while simultaneously offering Buyers extended terms and flexible repayment amounts.

Buyers and Suppliers register online in one easy process. Invoice(s) are submitted electronically, which are verified and approved by either the Buyer or Supplier depending on who initiates the request. Payment offers are then electronically generated by Bizcash SCF and if accepted by the Buyer or Supplier, Bizcash SCF pays out the offer(s) instantly. Bizcash SCF then collects from the Buyer on the agreed terms.

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Confirm if you are a Buyer or Supplier
  • Select whether you are a Buyer or Supplier
  • Submit your basic information directly online using the registration links above
  • Signing up is fast, simple and completely free with no commitments
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Suppliers generate their invoice as they normally do
  • Suppliers generate their invoice
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Submit the invoice online, immediately
  • The payment request can be initiated by the Buyer or Supplier
  • Submit your invoice online with a few clicks
  • Capture the information
  • Select the Buyer or Supplier
  • Submit the invoice
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Your invoice gets approved and an offer is made
  • The Buyer and Supplier is notified via email that an invoice has been submitted for payment
  • The Buyer and Supplier will verify the invoice and approve it
  • An instant cash offer is made by Bizcash SCF and you have the option to accept or decline the offer made
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Suppliers get paid immediately and Buyers get extra terms
  • The Supplier gets instant payment
  • The Buyers get extended terms up to 180 days
Buyer Benefits
Supplier Benefits

Buyer Benefits

Optimise and standardise your supplier repayment terms to free up cash flow in a very cost effective manner.

Improve your working capital without accruing new debt.

Invest in your Supplier relationships and forge stronger supply chains off the back of a great support structure.

Increase adoption by enrolling suppliers quickly and easily, anyone can register.​

Facilitate settlement discounts at improved margins without using your own cash flow.

Training and support from a dedicated team.

Supplier Pays Model

Supplier selects early settlement (Buyer's usual repayment terms) and knows instantly the exact amount that will be paid out on the invoice.


Supplier captures Invoice


Supplier requests early settlement


Supplier is paid COD, less the fees


Bizcash collects from the buyer on their usual terms

Buyer Pays Model

Buyer is able to select extended repayment terms while Supplier is paid 100% of the invoice value, COD.


Buyer/Supplier captures Invoice


Buyer selects extended repayment terms


Supplier is paid 100% of the invoice COD


Bizcash collects from the buyer on their selected terms

Hybrid Model

The best of both - Supplier selects Buyer's usual repayment terms and knows instantly the exact amount that will be paid out on the invoice. The Buyer then has the option of further extended terms, a fee will be charged to the buyer for the additional days.


Buyer/Supplier captures Invoice


Supplier requests early settlement


Buyer selects extended repayment terms


Bizcash pays supplier and collects from the buyer

How To Get Started

Step 1 – Registration

Our platform is simple and intuitive, confirm if you are a Buyer or Supplier. Complete your online application at, upload your documentation, alternatively one of our consultants will assist you in submitting all your required documentation.

Signing up is completely free with no commitments.


Step 2 – Approval

Buyers: Once your completed profile has been reviewed and qualifies for activation, your personalised credit facility will be granted.

Suppliers: Once your completed profile has been reviewed and qualifies for activation, your profile will be activated.


Step 3 – Transaction

Buyers: You can load any qualifying invoices from your connected Supplier/s onto the system as and when you need, choosing extended terms that suit you, which your Supplier can view and accept on our system.


Suppliers: You can load any qualifying invoices to your connected Buyer/s onto the system as and when you need, allowing your Buyer to choose extended terms when they approve the invoice on the system, while you can get early payment.


Step 4 – Payout

Suppliers: Funds will reflect in your bank account within 1 business day.


Step 5 – Pay Back

Buyers: Your instalments will be debited (or EFT by arrangement) as per your selected terms, allowing your revolving credit facility to increase by the instalment amount when you make your repayment.

Pay Back


When it comes to your business, you want to make sure it’s in the right hands.

With Bizcash, you can be rest assured.

We provide tailored business solutions when traditional forms of funding are not an option – improving your cash flow to grow your business.

Seamless Supplier Onboarding

A simple, intuitive, web-based supplier onboarding process with attentive teams focused on providing you with any information and assistance you might need. 

World Class Supply Chain Finance Platform

Our web-based platform is easy to use, streamlined, intuitive and provides detailed, real-time reporting.

Bespoke Strategy, Innovation & Execution

Our revolutionary payment platform enables both Buyers and Suppliers to effectively manage their relationship through an online ecosystem. 

Speed, Flexibility & Seamless Digitised Solution

An effective means to achieve value for our clients, through product flexibility and tailored solutions.

Bizcash Term Loan
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And improve Your Cashflow!


Bizcash, in association with independent specialist broker, Edge Risk Partners, brings to you Trade Credit Insurance.

Trade Credit Insurance

Why take unnecessary risks when bad debt can be eliminated. Insuring your debtors payment risk may result in a better interest rate on your Bizcash credit facility.

Trade Credit Insurance is the insurance of your debtors, protecting you against non-payment of your debtors, protecting your cash flow.